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The Bikini Hasn’t changed much in 60 years.
Once viewed as challenging society’s morals, today the bikini is considered merely basic clothing for lounging near the water. Women around the world are instead challenged to find the “perfect” bikini, one that meets their swimming, tanning and fashion needs. There is something new under the sun. Because a new version of the stylish two-piece has gone functional- with perfect results.
The Strapless, stay-put bikini top is finally here.
Perfect Tan Bikini is an innovative update for the 60-year-old icon, and it is exactly what women want from modern swimwear myPTB offers the first practical and chic bikini designed to end unattractive tan lines and fussing with tops that don’t stay put without pesky straps. With its unique fabrication, the straps can be easily removed while the top stays firmly in place. This style-conscious yet functional, carefree attitude should be reflected in the brand image, paired with a sense of relaxed sophistication and contemporary, clean design As a fashion forward, elegant bathing suit, The Perfect Tan Bikini brand should communicate the belief that sexy is better when it is flirty and comfortable; the understanding that consumers want innovation and solutions from their swimwear; and demonstrate that this technology brought to strapless bikinis is simple to use and worth effort. But innovations and technology are only part of the story.
Now it is time to tan outside the lines.
All different kinds of women- from brides-to-be planning for strapless wedding gowns, to 30-somethings preparing for dream vacations to Fiji, to college girls making their Spring Break beach debuts- want their tans to look perfect. A Perfect Tan Bikini is not only a reasonably priced, stylish swimsuit, but it can also help provide that highly sought after flawless glow, along with discretion of a strapless top that stays in place even as today’s women are on the move. This desirable product delivers the equally important desired results.
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